Hepatitis Viruses - HCV RNA HBV DNA CE-IVD PCR kits

Hepatitis Viruses are a group of infectious liver diseases caused by hepatotropic viruses belonging to different families. There are 5 major viruses that cause hepatitis. They make up two groups of hepatitis: enteric (HAV and HEV) and parenteral (HBV, HCV and HDV) (see below table). Enteric hepatitis are characterized by a fecal-oral transmission way and these viruses cause only acute hepatitis. Viruses of enteric hepatitis possess high infectivity and stability. Viruses of hepatitis В, С and D are  enveloped in a membrane, are transmitted by parenteral way and are able to promote not only acute but chronic virus hepatitis. Viruses of hepatitis В and С play an important role in the development of chronic virus liver diseases, they are responsible for development of 60-70 percent of hepatic cirrhosis and up to 70-80 percent of primary liver cancers. Due to a great incidence of hepatitis viruses one of the major task is the development of highly sensitive and reproducible methods of diagnostics allowing detection of the causative agent at all stages of the disease as well as monitoring of antiviral therapy effectiveness.


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